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Solarshopper provides you complete information about features and cost of various solar powered products available in market today. Solarshopper helps you to make right choices while buying solar power plants for your home or business. We have articles about cost and features of solar power plants, solar water heater, solar panels, batteries and other solar power products available in Indian market.

Why Solar Energy?

For ages sun has been worshiped all over the world, many civilizations around the world considered sun to be a god with infinite source of energy. In india there are hundreds of sun temples, the most famous being thousands of years old Puri sun temple. As an advanced culture we Indians recognized the importance of sun and benefits of solar energy.

Generating electricity from sunlight is cost effective and also considered one of the cleanest forms of energy. Light and heat from sun are two energy sources that can provide power to various products that we use on a daily basis. Solar energy is clean and best alternative to fossil fuels which pollutes our environment. Using solar energy along with other renewable energy sources like wind, biogas, biomas and geothermal can solve energy problems of our home and industries.

Solar home lighting systems and solar water heaters are eco friendly and reliable. It is high time for mankind to quit crude oil and coal and move towards solar energy. The Govt of India has taken  initiatives to make solar energy affordable to all by providing subsidies through central and state schemes.

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