40 Watt off grid Solar System for Rs 6000 online

Luminous 40 Watt off grid Solar System for  Running Lights, Fans and Mobile Charging. This off grid D.C Solution is for consumers who are looking for a smaller solar system to run couple of lights, fan and charging their mobile.  The DC system is sufficient enough to power 1 DC Fn, 2-3 DC light and Mobile charging for day and night.

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Main products

1. Solar Panel - 40 Watts

2. Solar Battery - 18 Ah

3. Solar Charge controller - 6 amps

System capacity is 40 watt, day and night backup time available, poly crystalline module, 18 ah solar battery included along with the system. Comes along with USB port for charging your mobile devises.

 Market Price - Rs. 8800

Our Price - Rs.6000

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