Best Solar panel and solar panel installation cost in india

The post is for readers who are new to solar energy, and would like to understand what is solar energy and solar panel installation cost in India.

Sun gives life to earth and is the greatest source of energy in solar system. Solar energy is the radiant light and heat from the sun harnessed to generate electricity. In order to get water we dig wells in our premises, similarly with solar energy we can generate electricity by installing solar panels on rooftops of our homes. A solar system can be installed at your home or office without getting any permission or approval documents from government. Instead Govt of India supports by providing Income tax benefits and subsidies to people who have installed solar panels in their home or business.

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Solar panels are made of photo voltaic cells. Photon means light and voltaic means electricity in Latin. Hence photo voltaic means electricity from light. Solar panels does just that, they create electricity from sun light. Mono crystalline and poly-crystalline are the two most common types of solar panel available in Indian market. Apart from these types there are panels made from amorphous silicon, copper indium selenide and thin films. The ones that you see on the common calculators we use are amorph cells. Most of the solar panels we see in Indian market are composed of silicon cells, which is laminated with tempered glass to protect from water and dust. And these panels are installed on top of homes on strong aluminum frames, the same way we frame a photograph.

Best solar panels and solar systems in india
Best solar panels


What is the cost to install solar system in your home?
In order to understand your solar installation cost, first you need to find your electricity usage. This can be understood by looking into units consumed data in your electricity bills. Another way is to conduct an energy audit to understand, how many energy-consuming devices you have, their wattage and how many minutes or hours you run them. Once you figure, you will be able to understand the size of solar system needed to support your energy need.
Next step is to select best solar panels. Size of panel is never related to the unit of electricity generated. Instead content of solar panel, efficiency of solar panel and availability of sunlight are the factors to be considered while deciding the best solar panel suited for your solar system. In India solar panels are available from 3 watts to 320 watts.

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Best solar panel costs around Rs 40 per watt, however solar panels are available for Rs 30 also. Point to note is, that best solar panels used to cost Rs 280 per watt 15 years ago which has come down considerably. The catch is in the efficiency of best solar panels. Solar panel efficiency can range from 8% to 18%. By understanding this you would be easily able to distinguish the reason for low-cost and high cost of solar panels. A 1 Kva offgrid solar system would cost around Rs.45000 (cost depends upon battery backup) and a grid connected solar system from Rs.75000. Since a first time solar buyer cannot evaluate his need, size of solar system or quality of solar panels and components. Buying from recognized solar installation companies is advised, which would not only give best solar panels but also provide after sales support. Loom solar provides best solar panels for residential and commercial purposes, with 3 day delivery, installation and support all over India.

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Solar energy derived from sun is cheapest and permanent solution to your energy needs. Installing solar system would give you free electricity upto a period of 25 years. Important factors to consider while selecting best solar panels are the efficiency quotient, composition and brand name.


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