Financial Benefits of going solar in India – Save Lacs of Rupees

When someone installs a rooftop solar power Generation system in India, the solar panels generate electricity for 20-25 years, which in turn saves the cost of electricity on a daily, monthly and annual basis.

Return on Investment from Rooftop Solar System Installation

Example, Mr X owns a house and consumes an average of 1000 units of energy every month at the current residential electricity rates in India, there for his bill would be ( 1000 x 5 = 5000 ) Rs 5000.

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To Generate 1000 Units per month Mr X requires a 8KWp Solar power system to be installed which will cost him about Rs. 5.5 lacs. Now this solar system will generate 1000 units per month and provide Mr X saves Rs 5000 per month which totals to Rs 60000 per annum.

However within 20 years Mr X can save around 12 lakhs from the solar system. Benefits are from day one, even during cloudy days the panels are said to work at 60-70 % efficiency. There are many subsidies available by central and state govt to promote clean energy in India. Awareness among people about the advantages of solar energy is increasing and more organizations are opting for solar solutions.

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  1. i need to know the prices for solar panels to be exported to Palestine, the average house has 5 bed rooms with 2 tv’s fridge freezer microwave AC, oven. can you advice me how many kw do we need, how many panels and the cost of it.

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