Process to get Solar Subsidy in Tamil Nadu

Complete information on how to avail solar subsidy in tamilnadu for domestic rooftops.

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Solar subsidies are provided by Teda in tamil nadu for domestic roof tops. Individuals shall avail upto Rs 20000 solar subsidy per kw in tamil nadu.  Under the solar incentive scheme,  1kw residential solar power systems will be considered for solar incentives. Installing 1 kw solar system can save upto Rs14000 per year on electricity bills. The solar subsidy is available only for Tangdco consumers with service connection under tarrif LA-1A.

Excess energy generated can be transferred to Tangedco grid and will be eligible for net metering. Upto 90% of transferred energy will be applicable for remuneration settled in 12 month period. To avail net metering individuals needs to apply with Tangedco.

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Individuals interested in applying for solar subsidy in tamil nadu should apply in TEDA website. Application once submitted would be reviewed and hard copies should also be sent to head office in chennai. Solar subsidies are provided as per application submission dates.

Solar subsidies are applicable for flat roofs. Additional cost shall be born by individual for mounting structures in non flat roofs. The applicant shall make payment of solar pv system to the registered installer excluding 30% mnre subsidy, Rs 20000 per kw tamil nadu state solar subsidy.

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Source – Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency

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