Solar Subsidy

ANERT Subsidy in Kerala

Anert kerala runs 10000 rooftop solar systems subsidy programs every year. Subsidies are awarded to organizations and households who install solar systems as per Anert Guidelines. This years program is named “Solar Smart” registration started from 21 Aug 2017. For first come first serve basis. Up to 30% percent of the system cost or upto Rs 200000 subsidy can be availed by building owners and organizations.

Solar photovoltaic power plants of capacity 1 kW, 2 kW, 3 kW, 4kW and 5kW systems along with battery storage.

Who can avail the subsidy – Answer any one can apply for installing solar system in their rooftop.

Hotels & Resorts
Hospitals/ Clinics
Petrol Pumps
Metal Industries
Religious institutions
Any profit or non profit firm