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Complete water heater guide in Malayalam

Topic is related to water heaters which work on grid electricity. Anyone who is planning to purchase a water heater would surely find this video informative. Clear explanation of different types of water heater available in Kerala is given. Cost of water heaters in Kerala and which is the best brand to buy in Kerala.

Types of Solar water heaters available in Kerala

Solar water heaters are energy efficient devices. Solar water heaters work without grid connectivity and saves a lot on energy bills. There are two major types of solar water heaters. In this video a clear explanation is given about the various types of solar water heaters available in Kerala and their price.

Best type of Solar Panel in Kerala

It is an ongoing debate between polycrystalline panels and mono crystalline panels. Anyone who wants to buy a solar powered system in Kerala should understand the difference between these two basic types of solar panels. This video enables viewers to understand the basic difference and make the right purchase decision.

Calculate size of off grid solar system in Kerala

This video is the stepping stone before purchasing off grid solar system in Kerala. Clear explanation of sizing of off grid inverter, sizing of batteries and number of solar panels required for off grid solar system is given for the benefit of viewers.

Types of Solar Inverters in Kerala

This video gives a detailed analysis of types of solar inverters available in Kerala. It also gives information about cost of off grid solar systems in Kerala. How to purchase off grid solar system in Kerala. Price of 1kw to 10 Kw of off grid solar system price in Kerala.

Solar Conversion Kit cost in Kerala

Existing inverter battery system can be converted to solar system with the help of charge controllers and solar panels. In this video a clear explanation is given on how existing inverter can be converted to solar inverter and gain savings in electricity bills. Information about best solar charge controllers, panels available in Kerala.

What is the cost of solar powered system in Kerala?

In this video different types of solar systems available in Kerala is explained. How to select a suitable system for your energy requirement can be understood from this video. Video also showcases the cost of off grid system in Kerala. Cost of on grid solar system in Kerala.