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Category: solar panels

Calculate number of solar panels required to charge battery

More the number of solar panels, quicker the battery gets charged. It is as simple as that. However, number of panels depends on various factors like capacity of inverter and batteries. This video explains on how many solar panels are required to charge a battery. How long would it take to charge the battery from solar panels.

How to run Air conditioner in solar

Solar air conditioners are hybrid, they can be run directly from grid, solar panels or batteries. Increasing electricity bills are the reason why people are investing in solar air conditioners. Solar air-conditioners are energy efficient and worthy investment for homes which has extensive usage of air-conditioning.

Solar Airconditioning in Kerala

Most of the homes in Kerala uses air conditioners. Using air conditioners results in higher electricity bills. Solar Shopper provides high quality Solar Air conditioners which enables to reduce electricity bills dramatically. This video explains about solar air conditioners in Kerala. Cost of Solar air conditioners in Kerala. Cost of Solar air conditioners in Kerala. How to buy solar air conditioners in Kerala. /p>

Four things to know before buying solar panels in Kerala

There are many factors that affect the performance of solar panels. However, there are four main things that everyone should know before purchasing solar panels. This video explains on what are the important aspects that we have to look into before purchasing solar panels in Kerala.