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Luminous SCC1206NM


“Luminous Solar Charge controllers are required to fully charge a battery from Solar Panels without permitting overcharge. They prevent reverse current flow at night.
Protection against overcharge and reverse current.
Luminous Charge Controller charges batteries from solar panels without permitting overcharge and also prevent reverse current flow at night.”


  • Prevents battery from overcharging
  • Prevents reverse current flow from battery to panel at night
  • Runs DC appliances ( DC bulbs, fans )
  • Charge DC devices directly without using adapter via USB port

Technical Specifications

  • Range Name (Solar) – Solar Charge Controller
  • Warranty – 12 months
  • Net weight (kg.) – 0.27
  • Dimensions (L*B*H) – 4.0*6.0*13.5 CM
  • Charge Controller Rating – 6A@12V
  • Max. supported panel power (Wp) – 125Wp@12V
  • Input Voltage Range (Voc) – 17-25

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