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Luminous SRS2420


Solar Retrofit is an upgrade of Charge controllers which when connected to any existing UPS converts it into 100% Solar UPS without any change in electrical wiring of existing UPS. It has inbuilt intelligence to maximise use of solar energy to power your appliances. The first priority of shine 2420 is to charge battery, in case of extra power generation, it will run home appliances such as fans, lights directly from solar panel.


  • Converts Existing non Solar Inverter to Solar Inverter.
  • Automatic Battery Selection for 12V/24V systems.
  • Automated operation to utilize maximum solar power.
  • Suitable for any make/model of 12V/24V inverters.
  • PV panel compatible from 100Wp-400Wp for 12V and 400Wp-800Wp for 24V.
  • Easy to use and Simple operation.
  • 3 Operation Modes – Auto, Manual and 100 percent Solar.
  • MCB protection.

Technical Specifications

  • Model – Shine 2420
  • Range Name (Solar) – Retrofit
  • VA Rating – 20A@12V/24V
  • Warranty – 12 months
  • Net weight (kg.) – 1.2 kg
  • No. of 12V Batteries in Series – Upto 2
  • Technology (Solar) – With Battery
  • Max. supported panel power (Wp) – 400Wp@12V, 800Wp@24V
  • Input Voltage Range (Voc) – 17-25(12V), 36-50(24V)

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